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US-2011309388-A1: Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method patent, US-2012039858-A1: Methods and compositions for inhibiting propagation of viruses using recombinant tetherin constructs patent, US-2012052115-A1: Nanocarrier therapy for treating invasive tumors patent, US-2013143858-A1: Compounds and their use as ikach blockers patent, US-2013178421-A1: Interfering rna delivery system and uses thereof patent, US-2014120044-A1: Personal Care Compositions with Acidified Pectins patent, US-2010297119-A1: Bone targeted alkaline phosphatase, kits and methods of use thereof patent, US-2010310544-A1: Composition comprising calcium ions and at least one proteolytic enzyme for use in the in vitro and in vivo regeneration of cutaneous and connective tissues patent, US-2012314759-A1: Video transmitting method and system with image quality adjusting function patent, US-2013004361-A1: Ferrite-based stainless steel for use in components of automobile exhaust system patent, US-2013105165-A1: Hydrophobically associating copolymers patent, US-2013189371-A1: Cross-linked bioactive hydrogel matrices patent, US-2014105916-A1: Human c-fms antigen binding proteins patent, US-2015140274-A1: Pre-sintered blank for dental purposes patent, US-2012003413-A1: Airtight Multilayer Laminate for a Pneumatic Object patent, US-2012149859-A1: Latex for dip molding, composition for dip molding, preparation method of dip molded product, and dip molded product prepared thereby patent, US-2013252246-A1: Methods And Systems For Mass Spectrometry patent, US-2014319502-A1: Coating composition, porous membrane, light scattering membrane, and organic electroluminescent element patent, US-2010286327-A1: Fuser member having composite outer layer patent, US-2011168993-A1: Transistors and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013289041-A1: Quinoxaline compounds and uses thereof patent, US-2014377322-A1: Multi-layered structure for drug reservoir and drug eluting stent including the same patent, US-2011296000-A1: Systems and methods for exporting usage history data as input to a management platform of a target cloud-based network patent, US-2013129701-A1: Methods and Compositions for Sequence Specific RNA Endonucleases patent, US-2010298125-A1: Carbon nanotube catalysts having metal catalyst nano-particles supported on inner channel of carbon nanotube and preparation method thereof patent, US-2012094932-A1: Macrocyclic lactone compounds and methods for their use patent, US-2013105942-A1: Finfet devices patent, US-2013244162-A1: Toner, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge patent, US-2011190445-A1: Inhibition of hrp-3 using modified oligonucleotides patent, US-2014073669-A1: 4'-o-substituted isoindoline derivatives and compositions comprising and methods of using the same patent, US-2011269749-A1: Tricyclic carbamate jak inhibitors patent, US-2010210719-A1: O-desmethylvenlafaxine patent, US-2013261066-A1: Treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases using a tripeptide patent, US-2015017579-A1: Imaging members having a cross-linked anticurl back coating patent, US-2014044939-A1: Turbine superalloy component defect repair with low-temperature curing resin patent, US-2013036518-A1: Organism with altered carotenoid content and method of producing same patent, US-2013062783-A1: Chip packaging structure and manufacturing method for the same patent, US-2013206516-A1: Rope of a lifting device, an elevator and a method for manufacturing the rope patent, US-2011218140-A1: Biodegradable therapeutic nanoparticles containing an antimicrobial agent patent, US-2010293206-A1: Clustering related objects during garbage collection patent, US-2011213707-A1: Systems and methods for facilitating person-to-person payments patent, US-2013050226-A1: Die-cut through-glass via and methods for forming same patent, US-2014349224-A1: Pattern forming method, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing method of electronic device using the same and electronic device patent, US-2012076952-A1: Photocrosslinkable materials patent, US-2013033810-A1: Printed electronics patent, US-2014105941-A1: Remineralizing and Desensitizing Compositions, Treatments and Methods of Manufacture patent, US-2012009665-A1: Methods of producing multi-layered microfluidic devices patent, US-2013129841-A1: Therapeutic combination comprising a parp-1 inhibitor and an anti-neoplastic agent patent, US-2012161207-A1: Chemical sensing and/or measuring devices and methods patent, US-2010196370-A1: Fusion protein of immunoglobulin fc and human apolipoprotein(a) kringle fragment patent, US-2011311807-A1: Flexible substrates having reduced shrinkage and curling patent, US-2013058936-A1: Bispecific antibodies specific for t-cell activating antigens and a tumor antigen and methods of use patent, US-2014154397-A1: Tal-mediated transfer dna insertion patent, US-2014289440-A1: Systems and methods involving data bus inversion memory circuitry, configuration and/or operation patent, US-2008146839-A1: Method for Producing 5-Halo-2,4,6-Trifluoroisophthalic Acid patent, US-2010202334-A1: Systems and methods for reducing power consumption using a variable constraint length convolutional encoder patent, US-2014157986-A1: Ddr type zeolites with stabilized adsorption patent, US-2011195879-A1: Inert wear resistant fluoropolymer-based solid lubricants, methods of making and methods of use patent, US-2015147563-A1: Air conditioning laminate and method patent, US-2010298348-A1: Method of Decreasing Ubiquitylated Protein Levels patent, US-2010287471-A1: Portable terminal with music performance function and method for playing musical instruments using portable terminal patent, US-2011009580-A1: Novel copolymers patent, US-2011161725-A1: Dynamically tracking virtual logical storage units patent, US-2010312634-A1: Coupon card point of service terminal processing patent, US-2014001604-A1: Semiconductor structures including fluidic microchannels for cooling and related methods patent, US-2010199038-A1: Remote copy method and remote copy system patent, US-2011245221-A1: Aryl isoxazole compounds with antitumoural activities patent, US-2011305735-A1: Skin antiaging treatment patent, US-2012070412-A1: HCV Inhibitor and Therapeutic Agent Combinations patent, US-2013072471-A1: Inhibitors of Ion Channels patent, US-2010281582-A1: Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent, US-2011306507-A1: Method and tools for prognosis of cancer in her2+partients patent, US-2011189233-A1: Recombinant Varicella-Zoster Virus patent, US-2012052128-A1: Oral compositions comprising edible oils and vitamins and/or minerals and methods for making oral compositions patent, US-2014137734-A1: Cross-linked polyimide membranes for separations patent, US-2013085160-A1: Novel benzamide derivatives patent, US-2014378315-A1: Enzymatic ligation of nucleic acids patent, US-2010305088-A1: INHIBITORS OF THE CHEMOKINE RECEPTOR CxCR3 patent, US-2014326681-A1: System and Method for Treating Water Systems with High Voltage Discharge and Ozone patent, US-2011311869-A1: Positive electrode active material with high capacity and lithium secondary battery including the same patent, US-2013225397-A1: Binderless Molecular Sieve Catalyst and a Preparation Method Thereof patent, US-2010255285-A1: TiO2 nanostructures, membranes and films, and methods of making same patent, US-2010215556-A1: Nanopore reactive adsorbents for the high-efficiency removal of waste species patent, US-2011015181-A1: Alkylaminopyridine derivative patent, US-2012070863-A1: Novel beta-galactoside-alpha2,3-sialyltransferase, a gene encoding thereof, and a method for producing thereof patent, US-2012172500-A1: Oligomeric phosphonates and compositions including the same patent, US-2012207763-A1: Pyrrolopyrimidine compounds and their uses patent, US-2012266290-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch034531 patent, US-2013072462-A1: Mitochondrial Compositions and Uses Thereof patent, US-2013117872-A1: Novel Substitution Mutant Receptors and Their Use in a Nuclear Receptor-Based Inducible Gene Expression System patent, US-2013224123-A1: Nanoparticulate compositions having lysozyme as a surface stabilizer patent, US-2015065478-A1: Amino-Derivatives As Novel Inhibitors Of Histone Deacetylase patent, US-2015093338-A1: Nitric oxide releasing amino acid ester for treatment of pulmonary hypertension and other respiratory conditions patent, US-2015148342-A1: Bicyclic heterocycles as bet protein inhibitors patent, US-2010162434-A1: Yield Increase in Plants Overexpressing the SHSRP Genes patent, US-2011151640-A1: Compound for filling small gaps in a semiconductor device, composition including the compound, and method of fabricating a semiconductor capacitor patent, US-2012129945-A1: Inhibitors of cognitive decline patent, US-2012270811-A1: Conformations of divergent peptides with mineral binding affinity patent, US-2013303473-A1: Liquid pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of a posterior eye disease patent, US-2013005738-A1: Monocyclic Heteroaryl Compounds patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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